Serie HGM

Bombas Criogénicas Centrífugas para Gas Natural Licuado (GNL)


Modelos Motor hidráulico Velocidad máxima de funcionamiento Presión máxima de succión Presión máxima de trabajo permitida Head máximo Caudal máximo Peso
Bomba Serie Motor hidráulico RPM P [bar] MAWP [bar] DH [m] Q [lpm] W [Kg]
HGM 185 F12 - 30 8190 6 23 / 33* 385 650 130
HGM 200 F12 - 30 6910 6 23 300 950 135
* Carcasa de la bomba de aluminio (23 bar) y carcasa de la bomba de bronce (33 bar)

Características & Informaciones.

  • Hydraulic motor and gear box transmission
  • Transmission with gearbox
  • Mechanical seal in rulon
  • Inducer to minimize required NPSH
  • Low noise emission (< 80 dB)
  • Counter flanges
  • Filter
  • Flexible hoses for suction and discharge lines
  • Leakage detection by temperature sensor
  • Flushing system with nitrogen gas
  • Temperature sensor for cooling down
  • Temperature sensor of bearing casing
  • Road trailers unloading, storage /iso-containers loading / unloading
  • Process and back-up operations, petrochemical industry applications
  • Special applications with differential head and flow-rates upon customer demand
  • Dimensional control of each mechanical component before assembly
  • Running test of each pump with LIN before delivery
Designed according to:
  • European Directive Machinery
  • European Directive ATEX*
  • EIGA/IGC/CGA guidelines
*HGM Centrifugal Pumps are ATEX certified.

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